Fusion Graphix Install Tips


Tools needed:  Propane Torch, Heat Gun or Hair Dryer, Scissors and Trimming exacto knife.

Note: Do not use water or liquid to install, it will soak into adhesive causing issues and will require a longer period of dry time.

1. Thoroughly clean your plastics, removing all old adhesive, dirt, lint, oils, etc. When done rinse with plain water and dry with lint free cloth.

2. For new plastics, If you feel comfortable use a torch and lightly heat plastics burning off any oils and some of the clear coat of the plastic.  New plastics can contain oils and residue from the factory.  Dont burn the edges and remove the gloss where the decal wont cover.

3. Remove Half of the back liner and cut off. Line up bolt holes where liner is still attached.

4. Place decal lightly onto plastics making sure bolt holes and vents are lined up properly.  If it gets misaligned, lift up decal and fix. Start from center and work your way to the edge pressing firmly to activate the adhesive.

5. If decal wants to wrinkle use torch or heat gun to soften and press center of wrinkle down to make smooth.


Tip: We Recommend that you do not ride for atleast 12-24 hours after installation.  After all done use torch or heat gun on edges and rest of decal to help speed up and promote proper adhesion.  Our hightack adhesive on our vinyls will perform the best if you let the adhesive wet out for 24 hours and properly seal to MX bikes LSE plastics.