High Time Series


The High TIme Series. There's nothing like the classics. Dress your YZ in Yamaha's retro theme color or create your own classic theme.

Key features on this design are ; Yamaha Retro design to honor Yamaha's 50th Anniversary

This design is offered with the classic form and the all - new Fusion Graphix customizer in which you can add your own logos, name, number, etc.



The process

a product
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a model and
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Frequently asked questions

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How come it doesnt show a image of my exact Year, Make and Model Bike that I chose?

There are so many possible bike models that there really is no possible way that we could display each year, make and model.  However we try and choose the most popular model for each brand to properly display each graphix kit.  Everything on our website is for visual purposes only and our designers in house take every order serious and custom design them to your specs. 

The option tabs below covers up parts of the design when trying to adjust color or change/size a logo?

Our system isnt perfect, however you can click and hold a logo to move it around where you want before the tab will open and cover the logo.  OR you can use the Zoom button, just click the Zoom button and then you can use your mouse and move the design around, zoom in or out on the area you want to customize and then the tabs wont cover what your working on.

I can't see a logo very well or move it around becuase its too small?

The ZOOM feature works really well, you can zoom into any part of the design to focus on the logos and colors and work on that section of the bike easier and clearer. 

Can i get a color that isn’t availble in the customizer ?

Yes!  however we would have to guess on matching it to what you want.  The colors we have pre-set are tested to match plastic colors and certain shades of color that print good.  If you want a certain color that isnt listed, please add it to the additional comments section and make sure you choose the Proof option to see it before we print it. 

Does Fusion Graphix offer Full Custom graphics?

Yes, all of our motorcycle graphix are semi custom which requires the customer to specify colors, logos, and rider info.  Complete custom graphix are available for an additional fees. The starting price for any bike make, model, cc is 349.99. If you wish to proceed with a Full Custom design and simply are not seeing any premade designs that are offered; simply navigate to the tool bar on fusiongraphix.com, select "Moto", scroll to the bottom to "Full Custom" graphics.

Will Fusion Graphix copy a design I really like?

 No. We DO NOT copy anyones work. At Fusion Graphix we stand by our slogan; Innovate.Design.Race. We are Innovators and a unique group of individuals and we stick to our own ideas and work. We WILL welcome references that are attached and respectfully generate our own ideas, lines, and style without copying if you the buyer really insists on a specific design from another competitor of Fusion Graphix. 

Does Fusion Graphix have premade graphics in stock?

No. Everything is proudly designed and produced in house to our buyers specs.

I don't see my bike make, year and model

All of our templates we offer to our buyers are linked to our website and each year we are always adding and updating new models that each manufacture produces and offers to the public. Our bike make and models are dated as far back as early 2000's.

If you have purchased a newest model and do not see it available on Fusion graphix, please be patient as it is most likely the template for that bike is still being created.

I placed my order online... what next?

You can expect a proof turn around time within the next 2-3 business days. Once the buyer approves the design proof, the design is sent to production that same day. Once the design is printed, the ink on the material is set out to dry overnight; the following production day, your design is moved to laminate, cut and ship all in one business day. 

If you did NOT request a proof, and wish for our design team to create your product and send to production; you can expect your product to be at your doorstep within 3 business days.

If I select 'Next Day Air' for my shipping method, will I see my order the next day?

No. Apparel is the only product that will be shipped next day to your doorstep. However;  when ordering all other products; your chosen shipping timeframe and method is put into consideration AFTER the production time. For example; a Full Bike Kit takes 3-4 business days to produce. By selecting Next Day Air shipping, the product will ship after the 3rd to 4th business day. Fusion Graphix will take into consideration that the buyer chose a expedited shipping method; we will do our best to produce them as quickly as possible.  We do offer a "Rush Fee" that does allow you to recieve your graphix within 1-2 business days.

How does 'RUSH FEE' work?
  • Orders placed before 10am PST will be processed/printed that day and shipped out the following business day. Otherwise your order will get completed and shipped next business day.
  • We are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • This is for production time NOT shipping time.
  • If E-mail proof option is selected;
    • Orders placed before 10am PST, a proof will be provided same day and if approved quickly we will print your order that same day and shipped the following business day. 
  • Sales on All Rushed orders are FINAL.
Can I use my promo code over the phone / email?

Unfortunately we do not accept any of our promo codes over the phone or through emailed orders. we currently only accept promo codes and deals on orders placed on fusiongraphix.com. No acceptions will be made otherwise.

Can I use my promo code to additional orders in the future?

If Fusion Graphix is with holding a public discount (holiday sales, shareable codes), these promo codes are one time use and will not be reapplied to future orders.  However certain promo codes can be used multiple times but it depends on the code and where it came from. 

Does Fusion Graphix offer warranty on my graphics?

We do not offer any warranty on custom graphics.  We will however replace or fix any mistake that was done on our end.  Wrong color, Mis-spelled name or logo, wrong template etc. 

Motocross is a heavy contact sport; every aspect in the sport of motocross racing and riding is put to the test, and over time products will wear away.

What is the return policy?

We stand behind our work so If you have any issues with your graphics or products, Please Contact Us within 15 days of delivery and we'll be sure to make sure we solve whatever issue you might have.   We DO NOT offer refunds or returns on custom work or printed materials, unless its our fault or error. All sales are to be considered final. However if an error was made on our part during the production process we will correct it.

Can I cancel or change my order?

 If you want to change or cancel your order, usually you can do that within 1-2 business days.  We try and start the design process within 2-3 days of receiveing your order.  Small changes like logo position or a color swap can usually be done at no cost.  If we have already started the design process we cant provide a full refund.  We then can cancel your order minus a design fee (depending how far in the process we are usually $75-$100).  If your order is any further into the production process we cannot change or cancel it.  Everything is completely custom to your order so there is no possible way to re-stock your order for resale.  This is just a policy and we cannot always guarantee changes or a refund under these circumstances. Please check your order details carefully when ordering.