Ordering - Tips And How To's On Ordering Graphix Through Our Website.

Q:  Why isn't the semi-custom graphic products loading.  I click on the product and it doenst do anyting or takes a very long time to load?

A:  We are aware of this issue and its due to our website being old and out dated.  Its a very data rich website with all of our customizer products and there is a issue between the server and the website causing the delays.  Please be patient, the products will eventually load.  We are very sorry for this issue.


Q:  Why isnt it showing products under certain categories?  Plastics for example, you choose "Full plastic Kits"  and it doesnt show anything.

A:  Every Bike specific product is based on your bike selection, so if there is no products under any category it is 99% of the time because we dont offer anything for that particular model in that category.  HOWEVER, that doesnt mean we cant still try or just dont have it listed on our website.  Even though our website is pretty detailed and has a lot of products we still cant possibly list everything we can get and produce.


Q:  What is the difference between the Pre-Printed Backgrounds product and the Pre-Printed Background products that are inside the Semi Custom Graphix Kits?

A:  They are both the same product type, same material, except the Pre-Printed Background products that are in the Semi Custom Graphix category have matching design pieces to create Full Bike kits down to just individual trim pieces.  The Pre-Printed Backgrounds products are standalone products that dont have matching Shrouds, Trim Pieces, etc.


Q:  How come when I click on a design it doesnt go to the next page?

A:  Sometimes, if your within the site and you click on a bike specific product it just stays on the same page.  Its becuase you dont have a bike selected.  if you have already clicked "I dont have a bike" just to browse certain products it doesnt ask you again.  So the best way to browse the products is to select your favorite bike and check them out!  You can easily change bike models whenever you want.


Q:  Can I order individual pieces for example; Shroud graphix, Trim Kits, Front and/or Rear Fenders, Swing Arms or Fork Guards for any bike?

A:  We combined every possible graphic for each motorcycle to one product called "Semi Custom Graphix Kits"  Under Bike Cosmetics.  Within that product you can order everything you need how you want,Anywhere from a Full Graphix Kit down to just a single front fender.


Q:  What are Colorways?

A:  Colorways are pre-determined colorways.  Customizing each graphix kit sometimes takes time and certain people just want to order what they see and like.  So we decided to lay out 4 Colorways, A thru D that we all thought would look awesome on each Make and Model.


Q:  How come it doesnt show a image of my exact Year, Make and Model Bike that I chose?

A:  There are so many possible bike models that there really is no possible way that we could display each year, make and model.  However we did choose the most popular model for each brand to properly display each graphix kit.  As time goes on we hopefully will update to newer models to keep up with time.


Q:  How come its not showing my logos on the graphix as I add them?

A:  Due to every logo being so custom with size, shape and color there really is no possible way to display them as you add them.  maybe someday but its just not possible.


Q:  Can I look at my graphix before I get them?

A:  Email proofs are available for a small fee to allow customers to view their graphix before the final production. Please keep in mind the colors you see vary depending on your monitor and no guarantee can be made that what you see on the screen will be exactly the same as what you receive.  Fusion has done extensive testing to ensure that our colors stay current with the new bike models to the best of our ability.


Q:  Whats that little "RED  (?) "  Question Mark button next to alot of descriptions throughout our website?

A:  That is our help button to help with each section, click it to get more help or representation on what certain things are.


Q:  I dont see my Year, Make or Model on your website?

A:  We actually have more templates and can produce a lot of graphix for models that are not on our website.  There are so many different bike manufacturers its difficult to add them all.  We are always trying to update and add new models so keep looking.  However the quickest way is to contact us via online Chat, E-mail or give us a call during our business hours.  Most likely we can produce the graphics for your make and model.


Q:  What types of payments do you offer?

A:  We offer most payment methods, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal


Q:  Is my payment processed immediately?

A:  Yes, when your order is submitted through our website, our merchant services will authorize your card and the payment will be processed.




Q:  Will Fusion put my logo on my graphix?

A:  Fusion Graphix is happy to apply your local company/sponsor logos to any set of graphix upon your request. Please supply Fusion with an .ai, .eps, or .pdf file type. If these files can not be supplied not to worry. Fusion can design a text logo suitable to the request for a small fee.


Q:  Can Fusion do any special colors in our prints?

A:  Yes, we can get very creative, our online store can only do so much and we cant possibly display every possible effect or color that we can do.  We can do overlays in Chrome, Spectrum Rainbow Chrome, metallics, Neon and any other crazy shiny colors.  Please contact one of our sales agents by chat, E-mail or give us a call and we can try and put your idea to life!


Q:  Do you guys have any pre-made graphix in stock?

A:  No everything Fusion produces is custom and printed to our customers specs.



Q: How long does it take to receive my graphix?

A: At Fusion we do our best to provide fast turn around times on all products. Lead times vary due to an always fluxuating work load. Typical lead times for Pre-printed backgrounds, shroud graphix, and any individual item are 3-5 business days following the credit card transaction. Trim kits, Full bike kits, Jersey Id’s, Helmet Wraps along with custom clothing require 5 – 7 business days following the credit card transaction. Ask about our rush fee policies for those must have today situations.  Read below for more detailed info on how the Rush Fee works.


Q:  Where can we ship our products too?

A:  We can produce graphics and ship anywhere in the world.  We mainly ship to USA and Canada, but anywhere else is easy as long as the customer pays the proper shipping fee's.  Our website will provide live shipping rates for all services offered.


Q:  If I select Next Day Air shipping will I recieve my order the next day?

A:  The best answer to that question is no.  If you ordered a simple product like a Hat or a T-Shirt we will typically ship those out same day if ordered before noon.  However if you order a Hat with a semi custom graphix kit, your chosen shipping timeframe and method is only after the production time.  So for example as stated above, if you order a Full Bike Kit that takes 5-7 business days to produce and selected Next Day Air shipping, they will ship after the 5th to 7th day.  We do take into consideration that you chose a expedited shipping method so we will do our best to produce them as quickly as possible.  We do offer a "Rush Fee" that does allow you to recieve your graphix the next day.  For more info on how the Rush Fee works read below in the next question.


Q:  How does the Rush Fee work and what can I expect?

A:   For that unexpected race or sudden number change for a special race we offer a expedited service we call a Rush Fee.  We get so many orders everyday and we try to finish them in the order we recieve so everyone gets there order in a timely manner.  But we completey understand the fast paced world of racing and sometimes its out of your control that you have a race in 3 days but dont have graphics or numbers on your bike to compete.  Our Rush fee service will put your order at the top of the list and get produced within 1 day.  Here are some details on how it all works.

-If ordered before 10am Pacific Time, order will get completed and shipped same day. Otherwise order will get completed and shipped next business day.

-We are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

-Full Bike kits typically take 5-7 business days, Pre-Printed Backgrounds take 3-5 business days for production. Rush orders will be 1 business day if ordered before 10am.

-This is for production time NOT shipping time.

-If E-mail proof option is selected, add one business day for design if ordered after 10am.  If ordered before 10am, we will provide a proof same day and if approved in a timely manner we will do our best to still complete order and ship same day.

-Sales on All Rushed orders are FINAL.




Q:  Can I cancel or change my order?

A:  If you want to change or cancel your order, usually you can do that within 1-2 business days.  We try and start the design process within 2-3 days of receiveing your order.  Small changes like logo position or a color swap can usually be done at no cost.  If we have already started the design process we cant provide a full refund.  We then can cancel your order minus a design fee (depending how far in the process we are usually $35-$75).  If your order is any further into the production process we cannot change or cancel it.  Everything is completely custom to your order so there is no possible way to re-stock your order for resale.  This is just a guideline and we cannot always guarantee changes or a refund under these circumstances. Please check your order details carefully when ordering.


Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  If you are unhappy with your custom product please contact us within 15 days of delivery.  We will do the best we can to accomodate the issue.  We dont offer refunds or returns on custom work. All sales are to be considered final. However if an error was made on our part during the production process we will correct it.  Please call to provide an explanation for the return and to receive an RA#.




Q: Do you offer custom graphix?

A: Yes, all of our motorcycle graphix are semi custom which requires the customer to specify colors, logos, and rider info.  Complete custom graphix are available for an additional fee. They include the cost of the graphix plus an additional set up fee starting at $100.  Contact us for additional information.


Q:  Can I send you a picture of another companys graphix and you produce them?

A:  No.  We do not copy anyones work.  We try and be original and you should too.  However if you really like a design and want to send it to us for idea's that is acceptable.  it definitely helps to get a few ideas on the direction your wanting.


Q:  Do you guys offer any free stickers?

A:  Yes, as a matter of fact we get asked that quite often.  Being a sticker company we print 100's of them every month.  Please send a SASE. (self addressed stamped envelope) to us and we will fill that thing up with whatever we can fit and have at that time.