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Vehicle Wraps



Vehicle Wraps can be used to showcase a business or stylize your personal vehicle to represent yourself. A wrap theme can be mild to wild.  There are basic single color wraps  that can make your stock car color virtually any other color you can think of.  Then there are wraps that are the extreme opposite with every color under the sun including logos, names, #'s.  Virtually anything you want to help get you noticed. You’ll also notice that a vinyl wrap can protect the finish of your vehicle from rocks and sun damage keeping your OEM factory paint looking good as new. Let Fusion make your ideas a reality.


The wrap process starts with a consultation via phone or appointment to review the concept of your direction. What vehicle you have, how much of the vehicle we are wrapping, artwork that may or may not exist at this point, etc. After the consultation you will receive your quote. To proceed from there, Fusion Graphix will collect between a $250 to $500 Design Deposit to begin the process of designing your wrap with one of our team experts. At this time your designer will outline what file formats we will need for logos, images and any other design elements required for your project and begin transforming your ideas into a digital proof for review.  This process will require dialogue and may take multiple tweaks to find the right fit for you.  That’s is what we are here for. Once the look you are shooting for is reached, we will schedule you for the installation. Depending on the size and difficulty of the job the time frame for installation will vary


There are many variables to pricing a wrap so there is no way to set a price in stone before a consultation. A large portion of the price is obtained by the square footage of  vinyl used. Feel free to contact us via email, or shoot us a call for more information. Without a consultation we can tell you that a wrap will last for several years under  average daily usage which will pencil out to less than $2 a day.

Vehicle Quote

When quoting a wrap, several factors are taken into action in order to provide you an accurate quote. When requestion a quote, please provide clear visual images of the vehicle you wish to wrap. This will help us determine the paint quality, the current condistion of the vehicle, and whether or not we may need to order more vinyl for this specific job. 

We cannot provide quotes over the phone blindly. Our process to quote a job is via email.